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Payless CCTV supplies and install the latest in security camera systems for homes and businesses in Melbourne areas and all suburbs within Victoria.
We install and service industrial, commercial, and domestic security cameras installations on sites across all Melbourne suburbs. We provide cost effective quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements. If you are looking for a sensibly priced digital surveillance camera system, look no further than us.
CCTV cameras can be placed indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, and all have their own individual characteristics enabling you to choose a tailor-made solution for your particular circumstances. All CCTV camera have colour CCD sensors, so footage will always be recorded in full colour no matter which model of camera you choose. All of our selected models will switch from colour to black & white at Sunset therefore extending the cameras ability to see into the night.
The recent use of Close Circuit Television security and monitoring to prevent or detect crime and improve public safety has become essential in areas where the security and safety of residents, staff, customers and assets of businesses is paramount. There is no better crime deterrent than video surveillance.
There are a lot of companies who could assist you with your video surveillance system, but none quite like us. We do the most affordable CCTV systems with the best cameras and materials around. We provide a range of security camera systems to suit your specific needs.
Professional workmanship using outstanding CCTV systems forms the core of what we do. Our services can be personalised to meet all your expectations & specifications. We can take on all types of CCTV installations work. No job is too small or too complex.
Can’t afford to pay for a closed-circuit television security system? No need to worry… We can even arrange a Monthly payment plan for your needs.

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CCTV Installation services are available for homes and businesses at easy payment plans options

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Get CCTV system at 0% interest rates.

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Get CCTV system at 0% interest rates.

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We provide Wi-Fi CCTV System installation services.

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