General Frequently Asked Questions

We have added few general questions that usually clients has doubts. Feel free to check them, if you have any other queries please contact us.
We are often asked to specify or provide comment for implementation of residential/commercial surveillance systems as part of our smart integration and security systems offering. Apart from location, visibility at night and look of the cameras one important question we are often asked is to define the differences between analogue and digital cameras, and specify the correct type for the application.

If often helps to run through exactly what the differences are, without going into great detail analogue CCTV cameras output a composite signal that is transmitted over shielded coax video cabling (RG59) and are limited in resolution to about half a megapixel (Video @ 576 lines). Digital cameras output a digital IP signal over data cabling (Category 5/6/7) and resolution can go beyond 3 megapixel. Analogue cameras generally require an extra low voltage cable in addition to provide power, Digital cameras can run power and data over the single data cable making the cable installation easier.

The advantage of Digital CCTV is increased resolution; these types of cameras are often used in airports, banks and sports venues as high enough resolution enables analytic software to perform functions like people counting and facial recognition which might not be required in a residential environment. Digital CCTV cameras or what are known commonly as IP Cameras are simply connected into a network switch and depending on the type used can be easily accessible via an iPad, desktop/laptop computer or any IP or web enabled device like a touch panel.
All of our selected CCTV models will switch from colour to black & white at Sunset therefore extending the cameras ability to see into the night.
A typical 4 surveillance camera system takes between 4 to 6 hours to install for a single story house or standard office. More time is required if your building is large, double story or in need of more cameras.
All our CCTV systems comes with a minimum of 12 Months Manufacturer warranty.
As technology continues to move forward, so do customer expectations. Most units can help you watch over your home or business from anywhere you have internet connectivity on your android phone, iphone, ipad or tablet. Providing you with peace of mind whilst away from your premises.